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International Dialing Codes


International Access Code+Country Code+City Code+Local Number
If international dialing is available in your area, you can dial direct (without operator assistance) to telephones in many parts of the world. However, if your area is not equipped for international dialing, you can still obtain the low dial rate by calling the operator and giving the appropriate country and city code and, of course, the local number you are calling.

To dial direct from the United States: First dial 011, which is the international access code, immediately thereafter, dial the country code followed by the city code, if applicable, and then the local number, which you must obtain beforehand.

Location Country Code City Code  


Country Code City Code
Afghanistan 93     Benin 229 *
Albania 355     Bhutan 975 *
Algeria 213 *   Bolivia 591  
American Somoa 683 *     LaPaz   2
Andorra 33       Santa Cruz de la Sierra   33
Angola 244     Boznia and Herzegovina 387  
Argentina 54     Botswana 267  
  Buenos Aires   1     Gaborone   31
  Cordoba   51   Brazil 55  
  Mendoza   61     Brasilia   61
  San Juan   64     Porto Alegre   512
  Santa Fe   42     Rio de Janeiro   21
Armenia 374       Sāo Paulo   11
Aruba 297       Vitoria   27
Ascension Island 247     Brunei 673  
Australia 61       Kuala Belait   3
  Adelaide   8   Bulgaria 359  
  Brisbane   7     Plavdiv   32
  Gold Coast   75     Sofia   2
  Melbourne   3     Varna   52
  Perth   9   Burkina Faso 226 *
  Sydney   2   Burundi 257  
Austria 43       Bujurnbura   22
  Graz   316   Cambodia 855  
  Innsbruck   512   Cameroon 237 *
  Linz   70   Cape Verde Islands 238 *
  Salzberg   662   Central African Republic 236  
  Vienna   1   Chad 235  
Bahrain 973     Chile 56  
Bangladesh 880       Concepción   41
Belarus 375       Santiago   2
Belgium 32       Valparaiso   32
  Antwerp   3     Viña del Mar   32
  Brussesl   2   China 86  
  Ghent   91     Beijing   10
  Mons   65     Shanghai   21
Belize 501     Columbia 57  
  Belize City   2     Bogotá   1
  Punta Gorda   7     Cali   23
  San Ignacio   92     Cartagena   59
          Medillin   4
          Palmira   31




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